Tips To Look Your Very-Best During Your Photo Session

If you are planning on some glamour shots, professional photos, or even school pictures, take some advice to look your best. There are some tried-and-true tricks that will result in a great photo that flatters you.

Some tips to help you look your best in pictures are:

Strike a specific pose. Strike a pose by standing to the side, hand on your hip, turning at an angle to look at the camera. This is the pose that you will see on the red-carpet due to the fact that it can make you look slimmer and leaner.

Study your angles. Learn which is your best angle; check out favorite pictures and practice in some selfies. This does make a significant difference in the finished result.

Dress comfortably and confidently. Dress simply and comfortably during your photo shoot. If you feel good and comfortable in what you wear, you may exude confidence which definitely makes for a better photo.

Make your neck longer. Avoid under-chin skin and make your neck look longer by elongating your neck and moving forward slightly during your picture. This works well in a full-body shot, too, as it helps create a longer, leaner silhouette.

Don't do duck-lips. You have seen the selfies with the pouty, duck-lips that everyone seems to take. Skip the duck-lip look and smile naturally; it is far more flattering.

Get a quick glow-on. If you are afraid of looking pale, pinch your cheeks for a little quick color right before you have the pictures taken.

Beef-up your lashes. On the day of your photo shoot, don't do anything crazy with your makeup. Ladies may want to wear mascara or lashes, as it will help make your eyes look larger and more captivating.

Keep your tongue behind your teeth. A great tip is to keep your tongue behind your teeth when you smile. This will prevent your smile from appearing toothy or silly.

Skip the sparkles. Skip the glitter and sparkle on your face in a photo. These can cause odd reflections and distract from your face.

Look up. Try to get a shot from above, which tends to be most flattering. This will help make your neck seem larger and can also hide imperfections well. Talk to your photographer about achieving this during your photo shoot.

Try these tips when you have your photo taken and look your very best! Talk to your photographer, someone from a place like Light Images, about flattering backgrounds, apparel, and particulars during your shoot.