Six Ways To Get Students Prepared For Picture Day

For grade school students, picture day might not seem that important. Yet parents will be wanting to send in their young students prepared for this special day, and school photos will bring back memories of school days for students for years to come after graduation.

School administrators and teachers can help students to be as prepared as possible for picture day in the following six ways:

Make sure that all the parents know what's going on in advance

Typically, parents will have had to place orders in advance on what package of school photos they wish to purchase. They should therefore already know when picture day will be.

Nevertheless, it's a good idea to provide parents with numerous reminders through school newsletter and other correspondence in the days leading up to picture day.

Have an announcement go out to remind students and teachers at the end of the day before picture day

An announcement over the school loudspeaker is a good idea to make sure students and teachers leave with the upcoming picture day fresh on their minds.

Have any documentation regarding orders submitted well in advance of picture day

Arranging for picture day can be complicated and involves a lot of paperwork. As a school, you have to facilitate communication between photographers and parents. 

The best way to make sure all the proper documentation is in on time is to send it off well in advance and have homeroom or classroom teachers make sure that students have brought in orders well in advance of picture day.

Leave students feeling confident about their appearances

Students should look forward to school picture day rather than dreading it. Not only do they get out of some class time, but they also get to show off their adorable smiles!

Do what you can to foster confidence the day before picture day so that students will enjoy the experience and not be camera-shy. 

Send home some instruction regarding picture day to parents

Send home a hard copy reminder with students at the end of the day before picture day. Include helpful advice on how children should dress and groom themselves to achieve the best results. 

Have bus drivers remind students about picture day on the way home

Unfortunately, students often forget end-of-the-day announcements amidst the excitement of the bus ride home.

If possible, have bus drivers remind students about this important event that's coming up the next day when students exit the bus.