4 Ways To Prepare For Real Estate Aerial Photography

If you are selling your home, there is a huge benefit to aerial photography, especially if you have a large property to show off. Aerial photography will beautifully capture the benefits of the large property that viewers may not see for themselves from visiting the property alone. Aerial photography will capture all of the small details that can easily be overlooked. Here are four ways to prepare your home for this photography session so that you make the most out of the aerial shots:

  1. Take Care of the Garage: The garage door is the largest door on the exterior of your home, so it should be shut to show off the appeal it adds to your home and it should not be blocked by parked cars. This means either parking the cars inside of the garage or down the street away from the home. 
  2. Clean Up the Yard: Be sure that you trim up all of the trees and bushes, as well as mow the lawn. You might consider hiring professional gardeners to do this for you the day before the aerial photography is to be done. You also want to remove all items from the yard, such as the kid's toys, garbage cans, sports balls, and garnering supplies. The only thing that should be kept is items that add to the appeal of the landscaping, such as patio chairs, outdoor dining set, and lighting. 
  3. Make it Uniform: To prevent distraction, you want all windows and blinds to be uniform. This either means all windows closed or halfway open. It's usually best to have them all closed to better show off the appearance of the windows. Window treatments, such as shutter and blinds should either be halfway open or shut completely so that any thing that can be seen from the inside of the home isn't too distracting to the outdoor view. 
  4. ​Make Sure All Lighting is Working: There's a huge benefit to having aerial shots of both the daylight and night view of the home, especially a night view that includes a sunset if one of the benefits of your home is that it has a great view. To do this, you want to be sure that all of the lighting is in working order to, again, provide uniformity. 

When you do all of the above, the aerial photography that you have done is going to be successful and draw in many more buyers to your home.