Host An 80’s-Themed Reception To Celebrate Your Marriage

If you and your partner will be getting married next month and would like to use a nostalgic theme for your wedding and reception that is reminiscent of the 80s time era, use the tips below to help you plan a wedding reception that is one of a kind and enjoyable.

Provide Props And Have Pictures Taken

Before hiring a photographer, interview several qualified people, view each person's portfolio, and inquire about backdrops that will help recreate pictures that look as if they were taken in the 80's. Perhaps, some of the photographers will have pictures that include glowing lights and neon signs that can be used as the background to each photo. If not, try to come up with your own layout for the photos.

Choose a clear section on the property that the reception is going to be held on and add disco lights, fluorescent glow tubes, and vinyl boards that have graffiti spray painted on them. Ask your guests to wear 80's-themed clothing to the wedding. If they do not own garb and accessories from this era, bring along some clothing and accent items that they can used while being photographed. Contact a photographer, like Allan E. Levine Photography, for more help.

Hire A Disc Jockey And Set Up A Video Screen

Compile a playlist that includes songs from the 80's that were popular. After hiring a disc jockey, meet with them well in advance to provide them with the songlist and give them additional information pertaining to the type of atmosphere that you would like guests to be provided with. If the disc jockey has costumes that they routinely wear to receptions and other parties, they may be willing to throw on an outfit from the 80's so that they match well with other decor and accessories that are used during the reception.

Purchase or rent a video screen. Some disc jockeys are able to play videos while songs are playing, so check with the disc jockey who you have hired to find out if they can do this. If so, the disc jockey can play songs continuously throughout the reception and your guests will be reminded of each singer or group who is known for the songs selections as they watch the videos. 

Hold A Breakdancing Contest And Give Out Prizes

If you and your spouse used to enjoy watching others breakdancing back in the day, holding a breakdancing contest at the reception can be a treat for everyone, including participants and viewers. Place some thin, vinyl boards in one corner of the property where the reception is being held.

Mark the breakdancing area with ropes or colorful light strings. During the reception, have one of your helpers walk through the crowd of guests to acquire names of participants for the contest. After the breakdancing contest, award the best dancers with small trophies or other prizes.