Planning Wedding Photography? Consider A Few Unique Shots Beforehand

From the moment you get engaged, you may begin to think of all the wonderful things that you want to happen on the day of your wedding. A huge part of your wedding is the photography because these photos will be what you can look back on throughout your life. Planning some of the shots, such as the ones with your family and at the reception and venue, is easy to handle.

But, you may want to go above and beyond to take some more unique shots. This will help you create a complete visual of the wedding when you put together a photo collection.

Path to the Venue

When you are driving or riding to the venue, you may be passing by all sorts of scenery. Asking your photographer to make a stop or two along the way to take shots is worthwhile. This will give you the imagery of what it was like to be in the vehicle on the way to the ceremony venue.

It will give you a unique perspective because you will likely be so focused on the wedding that you will miss out on some of the small and beautiful details on the roads that you take.


While you will want to get lots of photos of the ceremony and reception, you should not hesitate to request shots of the landscape. If you are getting married in the middle of a forest, a photographer can go out into the woods to take distant shots of everyone at the wedding. Trees all around can make for incredible photos up close, but it can also dazzle you from afar.

If you are getting married on a beach, your photographer can search around the area to find ways to incorporate the wedding setup and decorations into some landscape shots. Getting the sand, ocean, and sunset all in one picture with you and your guests in the shot is a great example.


Some indoor venues have kitchens where they make all the food for the reception. While you may not step into the kitchen, you can have the photographer go there to take photos of the chefs at work. This will give you a look at the behind-the-scenes aspect of your wedding.

When you work with a photographer and bring up these ideas for unique shots, you will feel confident about having an incredible photo collection to look at in the future. Contact a photography at a company like Matchstick Creative for additional ideas.