Don’t Let Your Amateur Photographer Friend Photograph Your Wedding

Your wedding is a major life milestone that you will remember for the rest of your time on this mortal coil. It's obviously an event you want to be memorable but at the same time, weddings can be expensive and it's understandable if you are looking for a few shortcuts to save you some money. One common thing that some couples do to save some cash is to ask a friend who fancies him or herself a semi-pro photographer to shoot some images for them. But here's why that might not be the best plan.

A True Pro Will Be Ready for All Conditions

Is your wedding going to be outside? If it starts raining, do you have a contingency plan? An amateur to semi-pro photographer might know how to shoot decent photos in bright daylight, but what happens if the skies are a dark gray or if you have to go indoors to a darkened ballroom at some point? Will your friend truly have not just the equipment but the experience to provide you with outstanding photos all day long? Don't find out too late that your friend isn't as good at photography as you thought they were.

A Pro Knows How to Take a Great Photo in the Heat of the Moment

Sure, your friend might be halfway decent at getting the wedding party to line up for a photoshoot. But there will be so many great moments at your wedding and many of them may be spontaneous. Is your amateur photography friend going to be prepared to quickly snap a photo when your parents start going crazy on the dance floor? What if someone jokingly shoves a bit of cake into the groom's face? Blink, and that moment will be gone forever. A seasoned wedding photographer is always at the ready and ready to strike with their camera the first hint of a great photo.

Get Someone Dedicated to Taking Photos, Not Having Fun Themselves

If you hire a friend to take photos for you, chances are that friend will also know a bunch of other people at the wedding and may get distracted from time to time. After all, it's their friend's wedding, so they should be able to have a little bit of fun too, right? By hiring a full-time professional, you will make sure that the entire wedding from the church to the end of the reception is photographed completely. You won't miss a single moment because your amateur photographer friend decided to run to the bar real quick.

It's OK to try and save some cash on your wedding but don't sacrifice when it comes to the wedding photos. Reach out to a professional wedding photographer like Carlos Osorio Photography today and you might find that they offer some wedding photography packages that are actually within your price range.