Hire A Wedding Photographer For The Day That You Create Your Invitations

If you're making your own wedding invitations, which is something that many couples do today, this will be a big and exciting day as your wedding ceremony draws closer. On this day, you may invite some members of your family and bridal party to share in the fun with you — and you should also think about inviting your wedding photographer.

A wedding photographer isn't just an ally on the day of the wedding ceremony. He or she can also be useful at other times, including when you're putting together your wedding invitations. Here are some specific shots that the photographer can be sure to get.

Macro Shots Of Fine Details

Armed with a macro lens, your wedding photographer can shoot some engaging photos of your and your soon-to-be spouse working on the finer details of your invitations. For example, if you're pressing a seal onto the invitation itself or onto the envelope, the photographer can get set up so that your fingers and the seal are visible in fine detail.

If you're hand-addressing the envelopes for a personal touch, some macro shots of the ink pen's tip moving across the paper can also make for an engaging image — and one that you might use on social media to tease the fact that you've sent the invitations.

Overhead Shots

When you've finished your wedding invitations, work with the photographer to lay out the invitation, envelope, RSVP card, and any other details that you want to include. He or she can then set up overhead to take a shot that clearly depicts all of these elements. This can be a creative and original type of image that you may be excited to share on social media. Additionally, this can be the type of shot that you might wish to frame and display in your home, given the special significance that it carries.

Candid Shots

As you, your soon-to-be spouse, family members, and bridal party members work on this project, your wedding photographer should feel free to move around you and snap candid images. There will be lots of opportunities for fun shots, whether it's you and your parent having a hug or you and a bridal party member sharing a laugh. The day on which you create your wedding invitations might not be quite as memorable as your wedding day itself, having a photographer present to capture it will provide you with an important keepsake in the years ahead.

For more information, contact your local wedding photography service.