3 Reasons To Shoot Wedding Photos At An Abandoned Building

If you're a wedding photographer who wants to suggest a unique site for his or her clients, you might wish to toss out the idea of visiting an abandoned building in the area. This idea might initially seem unconventional, but it's important to remember that not every newly married couple wants to have their photos taken in a garden or outside of a church. 

If you and the couple can brainstorm some abandoned buildings, perhaps actually visiting a few in advance of the wedding day to carefully assess them, you may agree to move forward with this idea. Here are three reasons to shoot wedding photos in such a location.

1. The Contrast Works Well

A big draw to shooting your wedding photos at an abandoned building is that you can work on showing the contrast between the glamour of the happy couple and the old look of the building. This contrast can create striking images. For example, provided that doing so if safe, you could have the bride and groom stand in front of a rusted fire escape outside of the building. They'll be resplendent in their fancy clothing and perfectly styled hair, while the rust and perhaps some crumbling brick or flaked paint on the building behind them will provide a visually appealing contrast.

2. You Can Be Different

When you shoot multiple sets of wedding photos in similar settings — gardens, modern hotels, or churches, for example — you may struggle to get inspired. Even though you'll work as hard as you can for each client, the reality is that some of your images may end up looking similar to others that you've taken over the years. When you work in a new environment such as outside of an abandoned building, you'll get inspiration from the different surroundings. You can thus get creative and give the couple some memorable images, which can also work well as marketing images for your own business.

3. You'll Have Privacy

Many newly married couples are private, so the idea of posing for photos in a public area might be less than appealing. In many cases, passing pedestrians and motorists may slow to watch, which can make your subjects uneasy and perhaps even affect the quality of the images. When you visit an abandoned building, you'll almost certainly have a high degree of privacy. This will especially be the case if the building is on private property and you get the owner's permission to shoot there. This privacy can make the shoot easier for the couple.

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