Prepare For A Professional Photo Shoot

Have you always thought that you may have what it takes to make it as a fashion model? Perhaps, you have been inspired as you listened to your friend tell you about their life as a model or have received prompts from loved ones to test the waters as a potential model. The first step to becoming a fashion model is going through a professional photo shoot and creating a portfolio that can be shared with recruiters.

Be Diverse With Your Fashions Throughout A Photoshoot

Since you are interested in fashion modeling, you will want to wear a wide range of clothing styles throughout your shoot so that you can give recruiters a clear perspective of how well your physical features are accentuated with each style. Choose various fabrics, but avoid garments that contain many colors or patterns that are "too busy" since this can draw attention away from your poses or facial expressions.

Decide upon black, white, neutral colors, or pale pastels when selecting garments. Let the photographer know that you would like a full photoshoot that includes close-ups of your face, professional headshots, and full body shots. Wear street clothing to the studio and bring along the garments, each stored in a separate clothing bag. In between shots, you will be able to utilize a changing area to switch your outfits or freshen up your makeup and hair. 

Choose A Flattering Hairstyle And Subtle Makeup

If you have a personal assistant who will be styling your hair and applying your makeup, then request that they come along with you on the photo shoot. Otherwise, prepare to have your hair styled at a salon and have makeup professionally applied afterward.

Choose a hairstyle that is fresh and modern, but avoid choosing one that is drastically different than how you normally wear your hair because there is a chance that you will not like the look once the stylist has finished—and this can be problematic if the style involved cutting a lot of your hair. Choose subtle makeup that enhances your eyes, brows, cheeks, and jawline.

Use Your Personal Judgment, As Well As Others

The photographer will take several headshots and full body shots during the photoshoot. Try to relax and listen to what the photographer is telling you. For some shots, they may suggest that you smile and for others, they may request that your face expresses a more serious side of you.

Try not to "pose" too much and act as natural as possible for each of the shots. After you receive a copy of the photographs, choose the ones that you would like to add to your portfolio. Ask your loved ones for their feedback, as well.