Hire A Professional Photographer To Capture Your Proposal

Your marriage proposal can be one of the most significant moments of your entire life, so it's nice to be able to document it in some manner. Some people have their family members or friends attempt to snap photos from a discreet position as they propose, but there can be challenges to this idea. Unless this person is highly adept with camera equipment, it's possible that they'll miss the moment. If you like the idea of capturing your proposal, think about hiring a local photographer. You'll have no trouble finding a professional who has done this type of photoshoot numerous times in the past; wedding photographers, for example, often have experience with shooting proposals. Here are some things to consider and discuss.


A lot of people put considerable thought into choosing a place where they'll propose, but you also need to think about a location that will work for your photographer. Generally, you'll want the photographer to be able to see the scene easily, but not be too close that they're visible to you and your significant other. Think of locations that will allow the photographer to shoot from an appropriate distance and that offer some method of concealment to ensure discretion. If you favor an outdoor proposal, certain parks can be a good choice, for example.

Shot List

It never hurts to specify to your photographer what shots you want from your proposal. They'll snap shots throughout, but having a clear understanding of the specific shots that you want will ensure that you're happy with the results. For example, you might want a shot of you getting down on one knee, another shot of your loved one's immediate reaction, and another shot of you embracing afterward. You can even specify whether you want the shots to be framed so that your entire bodies are visible or zoomed in to focus on your upper bodies to capture more of your expressions.

Meeting Afterward

Another thing to discuss with your photographer is whether you want to meet them shortly after the proposal. Your significant other will be surprised to know that you've hired a photographer for the proposal and excited to see the images that they can show you on the back of their camera. Conversely, it's also okay to specify that you don't want to meet up with the photographer afterward. In this scenario, they can send you the photos when they're ready, and you can surprise your significant other by sharing them and telling the story of using the photographer for this special photoshoot.