The Use Of A 360 Photo Booth

A 360 photo booth can be used to record full body footage. A spinning platform, a ring light, and an extension arm are the three main components of this type of equipment. A 360 photo booth may be an asset to those getting married or celebrating another milestone. A booth can also be used for promotional purposes.

Three-Dimensional Footage

A standard photograph will not display the level of dimension that can be observed with the naked eye. A classic photo will represent a single, still frame image. A 360 photo booth uses rotation and lighting to capture footage from a full 360 degrees. The footage that this type of booth records can be set to a slow-motion setting.

Any footage that is captured can be sent directly to an iPad or a mobile phone. The use of a 360 photo booth will eliminate the need to hire a photographer. A spinning photo booth uses a self-serve format. Anyone who would like to have their picture taken can stand on the platform. They should remain on the platform until the platform has completed one revolution. As the platform spins, the arm that contains a ring light will move around the spinning platform.


A 360 photo booth needs to be assembled. A series of metal brackets, a ring light, a rotational arm, and hardware pieces will be included with a photo booth purchase or rental. There may be one bracket that is designed to hold iPads and one that is designed to hold mobile phones. One internet-connected device should be secured to a bracket while a 360 photo booth is actively being used.

A platform is designed to hold several people at the same time. People can stand with their backs facing one another. There should be a little bit of space between each person. This will allow the ring light and camera combination to capture the front and back of each person who is on the disc. A photo booth can be used during any type of group celebration.

If the person who orchestrates an event would like to take pictures of everyone who attends a gathering, they can request that the guests take turns standing on the platform. A booth can be used for formal affairs too. If a new product or service is going to be presented at a tradeshow, the use of a 360 photo booth will allow a trade show participant to create unique advertising for their company.

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