Benefits Of Having A Professional Head Shot Taken

As a professional, there might be various times in which you need to use a head shot photograph, such as in your marketing materials or on your online profiles. You might have thought about taking a simple picture yourself or having a friend or co-worker help you, but an even better option is to hire a professional to take your photograph for you. The following are a few reasons why this can be beneficial. Read More 

Fishing Tour Trips: Promoting Your Business Through Aerial Filming

Taking people on fishing tours is a memorable experience that can show them incredible fishing spots, teach them how to improve their fishing skills, and create a lot of memories in the process. As you plan the marketing for your fishing tours, you can have a lot more success through visuals rather than just logos and text. The best way to capture the fishing experience is with aerial filming. An aerial videographer can provide you with the gear, talent, and skills to capture great video clips for the use in commercials, online promotions, and website content. Read More 

Six Ways To Get Students Prepared For Picture Day

For grade school students, picture day might not seem that important. Yet parents will be wanting to send in their young students prepared for this special day, and school photos will bring back memories of school days for students for years to come after graduation. School administrators and teachers can help students to be as prepared as possible for picture day in the following six ways: Make sure that all the parents know what's going on in advance Read More 

Tips To Look Your Very-Best During Your Photo Session

If you are planning on some glamour shots, professional photos, or even school pictures, take some advice to look your best. There are some tried-and-true tricks that will result in a great photo that flatters you. Some tips to help you look your best in pictures are: Strike a specific pose. Strike a pose by standing to the side, hand on your hip, turning at an angle to look at the camera. Read More