Hire A Wedding Photographer For The Day That You Create Your Invitations

If you're making your own wedding invitations, which is something that many couples do today, this will be a big and exciting day as your wedding ceremony draws closer. On this day, you may invite some members of your family and bridal party to share in the fun with you — and you should also think about inviting your wedding photographer. A wedding photographer isn't just an ally on the day of the wedding ceremony. Read More 

Don’t Let Your Amateur Photographer Friend Photograph Your Wedding

Your wedding is a major life milestone that you will remember for the rest of your time on this mortal coil. It's obviously an event you want to be memorable but at the same time, weddings can be expensive and it's understandable if you are looking for a few shortcuts to save you some money. One common thing that some couples do to save some cash is to ask a friend who fancies him or herself a semi-pro photographer to shoot some images for them. Read More 

Continuity Issues To Watch For When Shooting With A Drone

Using a drone to shoot video for any type of project provides you with an opportunity to not only capture incredible footage, but also get it at a fraction of what you'd spend hiring a helicopter and film crew. Regardless of the type of project for which you're shooting, you might sometimes need to shoot over the course of two days. If so, you'll need to keep a number of continuity issues in mind so that your finished project looks seamless. Read More 

Planning Wedding Photography? Consider A Few Unique Shots Beforehand

From the moment you get engaged, you may begin to think of all the wonderful things that you want to happen on the day of your wedding. A huge part of your wedding is the photography because these photos will be what you can look back on throughout your life. Planning some of the shots, such as the ones with your family and at the reception and venue, is easy to handle. Read More 

Host An 80’s-Themed Reception To Celebrate Your Marriage

If you and your partner will be getting married next month and would like to use a nostalgic theme for your wedding and reception that is reminiscent of the 80s time era, use the tips below to help you plan a wedding reception that is one of a kind and enjoyable. Provide Props And Have Pictures Taken Before hiring a photographer, interview several qualified people, view each person's portfolio, and inquire about backdrops that will help recreate pictures that look as if they were taken in the 80's. Read More